Happily Ever AFTTR

Most nights I am cooking for just me and my husband, John. Aside from having to finely mince onions so he doesn’t see them in his food, he truly will eat anything I put in front of him. His tolerance for new recipes is why I became confident in cooking after decades of only using recipes with a maximum of five ingredients.

While this blog is the first hobby I have ever had, John has had a lifetime of hobbies including reading about military history, collecting fire service memorabilia and working on his HO scale model train board. When I started obsessing about not having a hobby, he encouraged me to try painting the model figures for his trains. But that’s his “thing” and I am pretty sure I would go mad painting a figure on a 1:87 scale.

John includes his other hobbies on his train board with a few fire stations and a war memorial with cannons. He has also built two buildings incorporating our adventures together at home in Charleston and while on vacation. The first structure is a greenery green restaurant named AFTRR, Amy’s Farm to Table Restaurant & Market. It is loosely based on the Stono Market and Tomato Shed Cafe located on John’s Island minutes from our house and a few other places we have come across on our travels like the Franklin Mercantile Deli in Franklin, TN. Folks inside AFTRR are enjoying their lunch while the chefs are on a break on the back porch and a farmer is delivering some deliciousness from his pick-up truck. Next to AFTTR is a winery, Amy’s Winehouse, with friends enjoying a tasting amid vats of wine. The truck parked next to it is from the Napa Valley Wine Train that we went on a few years ago.

Model training and food blogging are pretty much solitary hobbies. But just as John includes memories of our life together in his hobby, I hope to do the same with this blog. I am pretty sure you will enjoy getting to know him but please don’t let him know about the onions.

I’m Amy. And this is my feed.


Yes, I sing “Rehab” every time I see this.


My happily ever after 

7 thoughts on “Happily Ever AFTTR

  1. TeriG says:

    Keep it up–I LOVE reading about you, your happily-ever-after, and your cooking adventures! I also want to share that comfort food you are enjoying 😍 💗


  2. Anne Catt says:

    This hobby couldn’t happen to a better person. I’m looking forward to reading about your “happy ever after” adventures. Only because you have such a good recommendation for kale, I’m going to try it again.


    • amytippett says:

      Hi Sherry: I think the last time I saw you was when I was about 10! Thanks for checking out my blog. If you go to, on the bottom right there is a little icon with the word “Follow” next to it. Click on that and then type your email address. Or the easier way is to just follow Amy’s Feed on Facebook and I post new stuff there. Saves your email box! Hope to see you soon on one of my trips to see Sharon. Thanks again!


  3. Maria Fiery says:

    You are such a delight and I absolutely love your new hobby! I, like you, love food, especially eating it. Will definitely try your recipes and look forward to reading your blog containing not only your event summaries (with your wonderful sense of humor shining through) but also new food menu ideas to try. Keep up the excellent work!


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