Who’s Amy?

Glad you asked. I’m Amy and I like food…a lot. I like talking about food, reading about food, dreaming about food, photographing food, making food and (most notably) eating food. I’m not a fussy fancy food person and the thought of hosting a dinner party makes me break out in hives. I enjoy cooking for my non-picky food eating husband who would eat pizza every night if he could. I love trying new restaurants and ordering dishes that I can’t pronounce with ingredients I need to google.

Could we be friends? Soulmates? Instagram Friends?  Too soon? Want to know more about me before committing to a relationship?

My husband and I moved to Charleston, SC in 2009 and after a lifetime of only making recipes with less than five ingredients, I discovered that cooking was fun…and food even more fun. I haven’t made the same recipe twice since moving here. We have had our fair nights of pretending we are on the television show Chopped and I come up with some sort of meal from what we have on hand. But as for cooking using a recipe, I always find a new recipe to try and life is too short to just stick with one way of making short ribs.

Does the world need yet another food blog? After a few years of following many popular food blogs and Facebook foodies, I haven’t found anyone that is just your average homecook. I (thankfully) don’t have dietary restrictions. I have failed at many food fad fetishes. I take pride in not owning a kitchen tool that has somehow become a status symbol. (Yes, standup mixer, I am talking about you.) I generally follow recipes because I assume the chef knows more than I do but I’m not going to spend $13 on a small jar of cardamom just to use a dash of it. I know there must be more people out there that just like to talk about food and this is my way of having a conversation with them…and you, hopefully.

I have worked for non-profit organizations for more than 20 years, spending the last 14 years working on firefighter safety programs. (And yes, the stereotype is true. Firefighters really are good cooks.)

I am the stepmother of five adult kids who have blessed me with the joy of grandmotherhood to five little ones. Then there is Belle, our beloved bluetick coonhound rescue dog, who may love food even more than I do.

I’m Amy. And this is my feed.

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