Top Chef Dance Party

Padma. Tom. Gail. And did I mention Padma?

Top Chef filmed in Charleston this Spring and me and a friend were invited to a BBQ competition. We were asked to wear “picnic chic” and to plan on being there all day.

My friend Michelle and I arrived at Old Towne Creek County Park absolutely giddy. Then our spirits were dashed as we were sent home for a few hours because they were behind schedule. But that gave us time to practice our Top Chef-ish phrases.

“This needs more seasoning.”

“I appreciate the different textures and flavor layers.”

“This could use more acid.”

The contestants were divided into three teams. They stayed up all night roasting a whole pig and making three sides to feed 150 diners. I stayed up all night trying to determine what I owned that was “picnic chic.”

You can watch the Top Chef episode for the actual food part of the show. I completely froze every time the cameraman and producer came within five feet of me and I proactively and rapidly stuffed smoked mac ‘n’ cheese in my mouth so they wouldn’t ask me any questions about flavor layers. I was destined for the cutting room floor.

Or so I thought.

Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish fame is native to Charleston. He was one of the VIP guests and performed three or four songs.  I was hot and sweaty after being outside all day and ate way too much so my desire to be filmed was over. Standing next to the audio engineer during the Darius Rucker concert assured me that I wasn’t going to be filmed.

Or so I thought.

Sure enough, there I am clapping and dancing between my friend and the audio engineer. My fleeting moment of Top Chef fame lasts about 45 seconds and doesn’t involve food. But I am wearing a “picnic chic” hat.

Or so I thought.

I’m Amy. And this is my feed.